Care + Warranty

Taking proper care of your jewelry is crucial to maintain its optimal appearance. By adhering to some essential guidelines, you'll be delighted by how long your jewelry will endure!

Keep your jewelry in either a fabric pouch or an airtight plastic bag.

Avoid wearing your jewelry while showering, exercising, or swimming to prevent scratches and scuffs that can damage the gold.

Refrain from wearing your jewelry overnight.

Apply perfume or lotions before putting on your jewelry.

When cleaning, protect your jewelry by wearing rubber gloves since bleach and harsh chemicals can diminish the gold overlay.

Gold & Rose Vermeil

For optimal care, it is advised to take off your piece before encountering water or sweat. To clean your piece, gently buff it with a dry cloth and store it in a small, airtight bag to shield it from daily exposure to the elements.

14k & 18k Gold

While solid gold is known for its durability, it remains a soft material susceptible to scratches and dents when handled roughly. It is prudent to remove solid gold items before engaging in high-impact activities to prevent any potential damage.

Sterling Silver

By providing appropriate care, your jewelry has the potential to endure for a lifetime. Furthermore, jewelry with a sterling silver base is resistant to tarnishing.


To preserve the vibrancy of certain gemstones, it is advisable to prevent exposure to water, chemicals, and sunlight. These factors can potentially cause the gemstones to lose their intensity and appear paler.


We require responsible practices for our pearl's long-term viability. Sustainable pearl farming prioritizes marine ecosystem protection, water quality management, and biodiversity preservation. It also promotes community development by providing employment opportunities and supporting local initiatives. By embracing pearl sustainability, we ensure the preservation of these precious gems while minimizing environmental and social impacts.


We prioritize quality! Our warranty ensures free repairs for covered issues, such as clasp/chain breakage, missing stones, and plating problems. However, please note that lost items are not covered. To initiate a warranty claim, kindly send us a message here along with your order number and detailed photographs.


Currently, we are unable to cover international shipping costs. Therefore, if you need to return an item, you will be responsible for shipping it back to our factory. However, we will gladly cover the cost of shipping the item back to you once the necessary repairs or replacements have been made.